More (a)live

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So it’s been 3 years since I posted any news…. Time goes by so fast. We’re still not dead though. Most recently we played a set at the Massive Assault releaseshow for their new album. Shit ruled. The whole thing was recorded, and Fredde from Dirty Bird Productions (and Massive Assault) did an awesome job mixing it down. We might release it in some physical format later, but here is a video for you to enjoy. (If you want to see more videos go here.)



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Here’s a video of us playing “1” live at the Morlock Gallery on the 30th of April. Also check out the video’s of the other bands from the same show, great stuff.  Thanks to TrefwoordPunk for posting the videos!

Tegendraads festival

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On 04-04 we’ll play Tegendraads festival #2. We expect that Rogier will have recovered far enough to be able to stand the whole set. There will be a lot of great bands, acts, DJ’s and more. And the icing on the cake; the 5th CSMD gig in their ten year existence!


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The mp3’s in the older posts don’t work anymore (thanks to shitty free hosting). But fortunately Braindead webzine reviewed the 3-way cd-r on NFL and posted an mp3 of songs 9 and 2. So you can listen to your noise there, and maybe I’ll fix the mp3’s here on some boring sunday afternoon.

While you’re at it, check out the great reviews and interviews on the Braindead site. Very readable stuff.

Compilation CD

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We have a song on 100 way splatter fetish vol. 2 CD. It’s 45 seconds and has a solo, a slow part, vocal solo and grind parts. Yes, it has everything, it is the ultimate Intumescence song. There’s 99 other bands on the CD too. If you want to see the most absurd bandnames and songtitles, look no further. I think you can buy it here.

3 way CD-R

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The split with CSMD has been reissued on CD-R. Here’s the info from the label:

NFL#23+24 CSMD/ INTUMESCENCE/ DECHE CHARGE: 3way split CDr 3,75e (lmtd 200 copys! Pro-CDR with pro printing (factory made) comes in 7”sleeve with 2xA4 insert. Originally released as 2x lmtd 8” vinyl. All new recordings!!!

CSMD = psychedelic monster noisecore from outer space, inc. 2x bonus tracks not on the vinyl version!. INTUMESCENCE= oldschool grindcore like old Carcass/Autopsy!! DECHE CHARGE: insane 251 trx noisecore destruction!!!!!! TOTAL EAR-SLAUGTHER INSANITY!!!)

Get in touch for wholesale prices and possible trades:


prices do not inc. postage!

AxSxHx is art

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